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Reasons to Conduct Team Assessment

If you are part of a team in your organization, then you still have the potential of becoming a better team. You and your team are being relied upon by your company for their investments. If you take team assessment, you and your team members and leaders are challenged to become more productive and high-functioning. IT is a kind of challenge that would encourage your team to be something each member can be proud of.

What qualities do a cohesive team have. It is a team that makes better, faster decisions. They avoid wasting energy and time on politics, second-guessing, posturing, and confusion. You avoid wasting time talking about wrong issues. Results are seen and the team is confident. It is a team that gives its members fun and fulfillment.

You will be asked to take an online team assessment. Team assessment is not just about how the team currently functions. It also includes questions about what you think are behaviors that would improve the team. This is a confidential assessment and your individual responses are not shared by name.

You will know the results once everyone on the team has taken the assessment. The results will be personalized.

Soon you will have meetings which are facilitated in order to go through the results. Here you will learn more about being a cohesive team. Commitment, accountability, trust, conflict, and results are the issues that will be tackled. In these meetings you will be challenged to think differently about yourself, your fellow teammates, and your team’s purpose. When you participate in these meetings, you will experience something very powerful and highly beneficial.

There are two models on which the assessment is based. The first will point your own behaviors and preferences and those of your teammates. The dysfunctions of a team will be learned about in the other.

Taking as an assessment as an individual rather than as a team member has great benefits. You experience what participants experience when they take the assessment, and you discover your personality type. This is an individual assessment but you also answer questions related to your current team or your previous team. With team assessment, you will be able to discover your own unique strengths and areas of weakness. It tells the team where it is now so that team members can decide what kinds of changes they want to make. If you want your team to benefit from it, then each member should take the assessment seriously by candidly answering all the questions.

After the assessment, a sample report will be given. Your personality type will be part of the results and also for your team results.

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